Working with Anthony, I increased my personal income by 8 times in only nine months. He trained me on how to present my unique value proposition in the right way to ethically persuade my ideal target to offer me a position eight times higher than I had earned annually in the previous 4 years!


Top Tier Global Consulting Firm

“When I was laid off during a massive oil & gas industry layoff, I didn’t know what to do to land a job when hundreds of people were applying for every open job. With Anthony’s Agape model, I identified my cross marketable strengths and my dream targets, then trained on how to approach employers in the hidden job market.

Within 2 months, I interviewed with companies outside of my industry including famous ones like Google, Facebook, Caterpillar and Ford. Got 3 job offers including one reporting directly to a CEO of an international company. This was the highest position offer in my career. I had only been working in oil & gas for about 5 years.

Anthony’s Agape model reframed how I approached jobs, and build connections in ways that maximized results for companies! While many others stayed unemployed for 18+ months, I continued to work in my desired job, offering high value to my company. ”


Fortune 50 Company

Career Accelerator is customized for 3 different scenarios:

1. I have been promoted and doing well in my career, but want to position myself to break a ceiling and land a higher executive role.
2. My career has been flat-lined. I’m doing a great job but have been bypassed for some promotions. I’m doing a great job but have been bypassed for some promotions. Want to energize my focus and career trajectory!
3. I am out of a job and want to land a more ideal position that matches my skills in either current or another industry. Willing to not only land the job but want to build a strong career path where I’m offering high value to my company, once I’m on the job.

If your objective is to land ideal positions as quickly as possible no matter what the market is doing, you want to begin by identifying your unique value proposition, ideal target client, and develop specific Agape Marketing and Sales positioning skills to ethically persuade others to want to hire you.

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Examples of Career Acceleration Results

“After being out of a job for 18 months, I had lost all hope. With Anthony’s Agape model, I reframed my mindset and completely changed my approach. I landed a Fortune 50 project management position within 2 months!” K.M.

How to turn around a layoff notice to a promotion

“Using The Agape Model, I turned around a 30 day layoff notice to negotiate a quadruple level promotion in the same company that had given me the notice. As a result, my company closed over 200 new contracts worth over 100 Million dollars!” A.A.





“With Anthony’s strategic consulting frame, we quadrupled our revenue within 9 months. I moved from Director to Fortune 50 Consultant to CEO. Anthony is a great coach and trusted consultant! ” D.B.

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