Proven Organizational Results

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft Division struggling with 600 of the top brains at Microsoft unable to close one operator contract in 2 years. Redesigned Microsoft Global Marketing and Sales strategy that bypassed blockades to deploy in over 200 Operators internationally in less than 4 months. Estimates of contracts, resources and wins were over 100 Million dollars.

    United multiple divisions with one common objective. Enabled General Managers and Sales Managers to now close multiple contracts with domino effect.

  • Quality Woods

    Did the impossible as struggling manufacturing company was moved from almost closing its doors to win marketshare against overseas competitors and against giant competitors turning a 4 year slump into growth of 29 to 300% in sales without additional overhead causing huge boost in net profitability while reducing stress and begin hiring new talent, systematizing operational efficiencies and improving morale to not only retain top talent but to empower them to outperform all previous results

  • Worldcom

    Turned around a stagnant division of 5000 employees across 9 operational centers, with 330 software developers. Previous 2 years, the division had not been able to complete even one project but within 3 months of new model implementation, completed 22 full projects by identifying key blockades and overcoming employee and division lack of cohesion towards a united purpose.

  • Raymond James

    Services company with 30 employees struggling for 4 years to grow. Within 9 months, grew practice so fast, they had to hire about 120 consultants to fulfill our contracts including their first 5 million dollar contract and many other Million dollar contract gains.

  • Eastern

    Grew Sales of construction company by 400% in two months in what was thought to be “slow times of the year”. Deliverables included complete redesign of business strategy, specific sales model empowering unique value of client company while accentuating weaknesses of competitors through client education and empowering direct sales calls.

  • Top Tier Consulting Firms

    Trained and partnered with Executives and Principals from 12 Top Consulting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Cap Gemini (CGEY), IBM, Accenture, KPMG to empower gains of 12 million per year annual quotas per person.

  • IBM Business Intelligence

    Provided Senior Executives at IBM with a united view of division results. United financial industry executives from different divisions to deliver higher customer retention and acquisition with new models and strategically integrated technologies.

  • Your company

    Some of the models we deploy have been tested in over 400 industries across 10,000 companies; however, in every company, there are unique factors that block productivity and reduce acceleration of growth in marketshare, sales or profitability while in others producing flat, declining or near bankrupt positions.

    It is vital for executives considering us, to partner with us on specific measurable results within a mutually agreed timeframe in order to determine level of success possible within an organization.

Our Approach

  • Increase profitability and accelerate sales growth
  • Build new business models which deliver measurable results
  • Develop new Strategic Profit Centers
  • Take company from declining or even almost bankrupt positions to accelerated growth
  • Energize management, employees and focus current personal strengths

What we will NOT do:

  • Bring in swarm of ‘consultants’ to add to your management problems
  • Leave you with a strategy book you’ll just shelf and never look at again