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Text of Anthony Ally Intro for “How to thrive when the oil market is down”

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To help Meeting Planners succeed in their personal career goals as they partner with Anthony Ally, may I suggest including the following 3 areas:

  1. Uncover highest aspirations of the organization and audience members
  2. Offer high value connections before and during the meeting
  3. Timely return of investment to deliver 5 to 1 or 100 to 1 returns

Vital details on how to do this in the following video:

Example of how this works:

1. Prior to the meeting, Chairman of Houston Geological Society gathered important understanding of what members wanted to hear about.
2. He invited Keynote Speaker Anthony Ally to address specific needs of the audience, comprised of leading scientists and executives in the energy market.
3. Follow up included providing contact info. for attendees with the Speakers to connect with individuals and answer questions. An upcoming video conference will address more of the audience members questions.

To contact Anthony Ally, call 281-815-4120 or via

Sample recording of an Anthony Ally Keynote:

Video recording from keynote speech at Houston Geological Society: