“Anthony’s speech on ‘How to Thrive in a Down Oil Market’ was thought-provoking and demonstrated great techniques for engaging in conversations for networking and interviews, should the need arise”

Angela Moray, Baker Hughes, PLM Program Manager – Chief Engineers Office at Baker Hughes

“Anthony will be able to motivate you to change you and more importantly, change your world!”

Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes, Manager, Center for Technology Innovation

“Learned how to communicate and collaborate across divisions and manage by building on employees’ strengths.”

Laner Ballard, Hewlett Packard, Engineering Manager

“Powerful stories that illustrated practical techniques for managing alpha personalities. Speech was filled with powerful learning experiences and excellent content! ”

Mike Stewart, Fiserv, Project Manager

“Recognized how to manage misalignment between departments. Loved the Peter Drucker quote:’Culture eats strategy for breakfast'”

Robert Squair, Applus RTD, Branch Development Manager

“High Performance Culture concept provided me with insights for our Technology consulting company to:
1. Increase revenue by 200%
2. Improve productivity
3. Improve our brand”

Vijay Devireddy, 9M Solutions Inc., Programmer Analyst

“Gained new insights on speaking terminology that company executives will respond to. The call for managing energy, take calculated risk and bold moves, led me to:
1. Begin speaking the language of the executive in all my communication lines
2. Focus my role towards how it impacts revenue generation
3. Develop creative ideas and energy to become more creative”

Ryan DeVega, Fluor, Project Information Manager

“Learned interesting approaches to working across various groups within the cultural framework of our company .”

Mike Perry, Schlumberger, Senior Project Manager

“Energetic relevant inspiring content with actual examples and live exercises to build cross departmental executive connections”

Linh Tran, Shell Oil Company, Advisor

“Anthony is the Lexus of Speakers. After listening to him, I was empowered to fearlessly take calculated risks, focused on asking for forgiveness rather than over analyzing permissions. Developed very valuable knowledge of how to develop key executive connections and open doors for a high performance culture.”

Nebo Ndubuisi , Halliburton, Engineer

“I learned 2 key concepts:
1. The important of considering culture as a key component to getting work done
2. The concept of servant-leadership”

Pam Barkstelle, Murphy Oil, Project Manager

“Applying Anthony’s approach to overcoming fear will move us from computer simulations to apply known solutions and overcome cultural inhibitions. Looking forward to applying these for new breakthroughs for Siemens in Japan and Indonesia!”

Olaf Roennspiess, Jautex, Project Manager/Developer

“Well beyond what I was taught in MBA and Project Management university programs. Learned how to overcome failure to develop new technological solutions and inspire a high performance culture (HPC).”

Okon Bob, Nofar Global, Project Planner/Analyst

“Great case studies I will apply to improve our organization”

Bill Murray, Dallas Theological Seminary, CTO

“Provided me insights to overcome risk avoidance and focus on highest priority solutions. Developed new networking skills to grow my impact”

Mustaque Rumi, Metro, Senior Project Manager

“Gained tremendous insights on moving from low performance to high performance culture mindset”

Angelina Osei-Kuffour, Shell, Senior Project Manager

“Growing board member connections from live examples to discern and change technical buzz words to language of my audience”

Jim Ebedrauelf, Chevron,

“Applying Agape concept helped me to focus on the highest interests of the heart of the other person.”

Caroline Gormley, Shell, Practitioner Lead

“Concept of how to move from low performance culture to High Performance Culture (HPC) encouraged us to tap on higher potential.”

Richard Leht, GE Global Research, Executive Technology Leader

“Discussions moving from low performance to high performance cultures will empower our teams to breakthrough our limitations and deliver on higher potential”

Garia Taylor, KBR, PMO Manager

“Anthony Ally’s enthusiasm and indepth experience kept my interest throughout the entire session. I learned a lot from this presentation.”

Greg Kissack, Chi St. Luke’s Health System, Senior Project Manager

“Great Points on low performance to high performance culture and developing relationships across departments with Agape mindset”

Sohail Azeem, Texas Children’s Hospital, Project Manager

“Learned vital importance of utilizing UIP model to accelerate my career”

Lekisa Ancalade, Texas Children’s Hospital, Senior Project Manager

“I get your Agape! I could hear the integrity in what you presented. Thank you for doing what you are called to do…it’s refreshing. Want to apply principles to our business process transformation.”

Carol Boswell, Texas Children’s Hospital, Senior Project Manager

“So many useful takeaways in your presentation. Especially liked the UIP method and how to apply it in our organization.”

Anjeavette Thomas, Fluor, Project Manager

“Thank you for the Agape Love through your presentation!”

Deborah Bedford, Haliburton

“New Insights gathered from comparing low performance to high performance cultures and on how to change our communication to have more impactful executive connections!”

Amr Radwan, Houston Airport System, Assistant Director-PMO

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