Client meeting open new doors to maximize 2 LIVE opportunities that were being underutilized. Each of these opportunities are worth over $200,000.00 to him! I offered powerful breakthrough ideas to help him move the deals forward right now.

don't sell yourself short- Anthony Ally

Sometimes in life we sell ourselves short. Noticed how some think because they have never been a manager, they can’t be one. We start looking at what they have done and what they are doing now, and uncover how much management skills are already part of their normal routine. Soon, confidence grows and the same person goes after and gains quadruple level promotions to a senior management role. What was holding them back was how they saw themselves.

To overcome our tendency to short sell our talents , I have found the following very helpful action items:

  1. Write down war stories. Stories where I faced a challenge and overcame.
  2. Look for common threads among these stories and highlight these key words and phrases that show up multiple times.
  3. Don’t stop there. Call or better yet, get together for lunch or coffee with some friends and ask them to tell you what they think are your greatest strengths as a person as well as in skills they have observed.
  4. Call former employers and ask them to share with you what they found your greatest asset to be to them. For business owners, call current and former clients and gain these valuable insights. Focus on strengths first. Uncover perceived weaknesses without being defensive. Purposefully thank them for ALL they have shared!
  5. Once you have confirmations from multiple sources, you now have the foundation to take the next step to growing your career and company.