Friend who knows me well and is aware of all the public speaking awards I had won in recent competitions asked if I would coach him in his upcoming presentation. What a blessing to help others succeed!

How do you define success-Anthony Ally

To succeed with clients, I like the following framework:

  • Objectives- Determine what are their highest aspirations and goals. Prioritize what are the most important goals we can work on right now which will deliver the highest value.
  • Measurables- Agree how we are going to know we are succeeding in measuring accomplishments.
  • Value- What are the intrinsic, person and/or financial values attached to those goals. These help to provide the Why that motivates client to act and the TROI (Timely Return on Investment).

Agree that we are partnering together. I will do the following and client agrees to take action. Once buy-in and financials are in place, IMMEDIATELY ACT!

Determine what is the next step right away. Set a timeline. Follow through. Success builds momentum for more success!