Thank you! Received several emails and video testimonials regarding impact on lives from my speeches! My heart was deeply touched as brilliant people wrote me on the impact my work had on their lives.

  • Have you taken time to thank someone who has had positive impact on your life?
  • Have you thanked a client or your employer or an employee?
  • How do you feel when someone thanks you for the impact you’ve had on their lives?

I’ll share a couple of videos that blessed my life:


Warren Winters Takeaway: IBM and Lou Gerstner example taught me how important it is to unite in our messaging with our Unique Value Proposition. This is Great for any company or Church!

Additional action item: Apply principles to connect with my wife better!

Robert Schneider: I expect 10 Million dollar to 200 Million dollar bottom line result from the impact on my work. I will now focus on putting myself in the shoes of my potential client! Listen to what they want and want and focus my messaging on what they want to receive.