The Agape Model has powerful implications for marriage. I’ve been blessed to be honeymooning with my bride for 25+ years now. This model is based on a unique foundation and has very practical implications in day to day interactions within my marriage.

The Foundation is based on the Christian model that is unique to Christianity but has global implications for all mankind. In this model, God of the Universe with all power and authority chooses to not hold on to his powerful place in Heaven but actually becomes a human being to relate to us and to reveal to us as one of us who HE IS (cf John 1, 8, 3, Phil 2,  etc)

Then to our SHOCK and AWE, He does NOT destroy humanity after we turn our backs on Him. Rather he humbles himself as a servant, bowing down before his followers and even before the one He knew was going to betray Him. He then washes their feet. One of his boldest followers Peter has strong objections to Christ doing this. When He realizes how important this is to God, he gives in. God in the flesh says: I am placing my own example before you, so you lead like I do from now on! (cf John 13, Eph 5:25-33)

This servant-leadership model is unique to Christianity! No other religion has God bowing down before man to wash their feet as a servant.

This Agape model has strong implications for how to unite organizations, but also how to lead in home as a husband. In a class I taught, we had men boldly partaking of this experience by bowing down before their wives and touching their feet. WOW! Their responses on how they felt after this and how their wives felt was life transforming for many of us.

There is much more I can share on this but that would require 45 minutes of your time. For now, I ask you to consider this framework by purposefully bowing before your wife and write down how you felt. Ask her how she feels if you are doing this sincerely to try to love her more. Record these below.

There are many ways to keep this Agape experience alive and honeymoon marriages are possible for life. One major path is to recall how it felt when your heart was beating the day you began to fall in love with one another. Keep that fresh in your mind daily. Ask God for strength and heart transformation to bring that day to your mind. Feel what you felt and don’t let go of that moment. Now, live that by regularly dating your bride with the same passion.