Today was amazing. Over 60 new persons connected on Linkedin. One very smart CEO immediately contacted me to ask for live connection based on my value to his company. I followed up quickly and we set up a video call same day. Within hours, he gained insights on how to solve major business issues at hand, inject cashflow and immediately uncover new clients.

After receiving such high value, meetings were setup to connect with investors on video next week!



Right now go to linkedin and connect one to one, rather than mass emails. Find the one person that you would like to connect to, and offer something of high value to them. Follow up and act right away. With video call options and the web, there is NO REASON TO WAIT! Traditionally some would set up a live in person meeting. That would require taking at least a whole day off all other projects and clients. Add travel costs and pain points on top of that. Sometimes that still makes a lot of sense; however, when you can, take advantage of technology and provide wins for others right away.

2nd company

Person was hurting. They had taken on multiple consultants and coaches with various programs, but all had seemed like total failure. It is easy for us to trash competition but that would be awful and an amateur all or nothing view of life. I PROMOTED MY COMPETITION! Shared with my client all the high value he had received in his work with them and recommended for him to continue using that value now.

It’s easy to assume if we did not get all the results we want from a partnership or consultant, that somehow all the valuable lessons are useless.

Reality is very rarely all or nothing!

This new contact did ask multiple times if I would consider a working relationship with him. He needs help to get the desired results but after losses with his decisions so far, his budget is limited. He proposed alternative options where some of my costs are covered and bonuses could be offered at high percentage of results. One of the problems with these proposals: dependencies. I can deliver maximum value but limited follow through on client’s part can limit results. However, sometimes folks need extra help. I prayerfully considered his situation and our own capacity and desires. A mutually successful proposal follows up for both of us to win.

Don’t close the door when the client is in trouble.

Consider value exchange offers and shared profits from results with the understanding that you are giving a large gift to someone else. Helping out others in need can be good for our hearts and soul! While our humanity cares, we are not God. We are limited in how many we can help out with generous offers. However, we can offer some value for a few minutes and when possible, add options for working relationships.

If our calendar is booked, consider referring them to someone who might have additional time available on their calendars. Maybe even a client who would benefit from giving what he has learned from you to someone in need!

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