“Schlumberger Ltd, said that it predicts a substantial global supply deficit of crude if the growth in demand continues because of the massive drop in spending on production and exploration.”

This could be good news or not. Are you depending solely on what the market does or do you have a proactive plan to overcome market setbacks? Many of our clients grow their sales and land high paying jobs no matter what ‘the economy’ is doing! Do you know how?

  1. We identify what are their unique strengths inside and outside of their industries
  2. Focus on finding out who would make an ideal target at this time
  3. Build an Agape Focused Sales Model to offer high value to target audience with the right strengths

There are at least 12 dimensions to growing your company and career no matter that the economy is doing! If you want to find out more, contact us or keep visiting our page.




12 dimensions to Accelerating business and career growth  with the Agape model

If you want to find out what is being reported from Schlumberger, Halliburton and others in the energy industry, <click here>

Here is an example of how you can close many multimillion dollar contracts and even turnaround a layoff notice to become a quadruple level promotion.

If you are looking for more proactive approach to win no matter what the economy is doing

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"Learned how to communicate and collaborate across divisions and manage by building on employees’ strengths."

Laner Ballard

Laner Ballard, Hewlett Packard, Engineering Manager


"Anthony will be able to motivate you to change you and more importantly, change your world!”

Wayne Furlan

Baker Hughes, Manager, Center for Technology Innovation



“Powerful stories that illustrated practical techniques for managing alpha personalities. Speech was filled with powerful learning experiences and excellent content! ”

Mike Stewart

 Fiserv, Project Manager


“Recognized how to manage misalignment between departments. Loved the Peter Drucker quote:’Culture eats strategy for breakfast'”

Robert Squair

Applus RTD, Branch Development Manager


“Gained new insights on speaking terminology that company executives will respond to. The call for managing energy, take calculated risk and bold moves, led me to:
1. Begin speaking the language of the executive in all my communication lines
2. Focus my role towards how it impacts revenue generation
3. Develop creative ideas and energy to become more creative"

Ryan DeVega

Fluor, Project Information Manager


"Learned interesting approaches to working across various groups within the cultural framework of our company .”

Mike Perry

Schlumberger, Senior Project Manager


"Energetic relevant inspiring content with actual examples and live exercises to build cross departmental executive connections”

Linh Tran

Shell Oil Company, Advisor


“Growing board member connections from live examples to discern and change technical buzz words to language of my audience”

Jim Ebedrauelf