Do you want Higher & Faster Growth without overwhelming self or others?

Chief of Operations Michael lu

Leadership Transformation

“Challenges me to look at ideas, management, personnel and operations in a new light! The Agape Model builds loyalty, morale, excitement and the bottom line!”

IBM - Dave Thompson

Leadership Transformation

“Anthony’s technical genius in NORAD US Space command center led me to bring him into IBM to work with our deep blue team that had defeated the world’s chess champion. Together, we built & deployed the largest global data warehouse and business intelligence solution to give competitive edge to Wall Street and financial industry giants.”

Microsoft - Ed Wu

Leadership Transformation

“Enabled our division to grow quickly by leveraging deep experience & strong relational connections.”

microsoft/ raymond james - Deb Blecha

Business Growth

“Quadrupling growth after 4 years flatlined. ‘Unique amalgemation of strategic brilliance & genuine pureness of intent.His clients always come first!'”

Pepon Inc. - DJ

Business Growth

“In 2 weeks, increased our revenue by 10% by developing a new strategic approach, and creating a new sales & marketing approach!”

Shell - Angelina Osei-Kuffour

Leadership Transformation

“Gained tremendous insights on moving from low performance to high performance culture mindset”

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